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In Which We Answer All Your Questions - OR - We Have to Start Somewhere

by Rebecca Melsky October 14, 2014 3 min read 1 Comment

You might be wondering why:

  • We’re not making boys’ clothes
    • One day, when Princess Awesome is cruising along with a catalog full of awesome clothes, we’d love to start a boys’ branch. Maybe we’ll call it, as one friend suggested, Captain Adorable. We would love to make t-shirts with flowers or butterflies that boys would want to wear, and anyone who has ever attempted to dress their little boy in something other than navy blue or dark grey in the winter knows there’s a market for colorful boys’ clothing. But we got into this business to change things for girls, and we’ve got to start somewhere, so we’re starting here.
  • We don’t have any clothes with sports or superheroes.
    • When Eva and I started looking through fabrics for our first run of dresses, we explicitly decided not to do sports or superheroes. But not because we don’t love them. It seemed to us at the time, and I still stand behind this decision, that there are options out there for girls in the realms of sports and superheroes. Not equal to the number of options for boys and not enough, but there are some. My daughter has a whole pack of superhero underwear we bought from Target complete with Batgirl, Superwoman, and Wonder Woman, and all professional sports teams have paraphernalia specifically designed with girls in mind. Again, I’m not suggesting that the work in this area is done, but I have literally never seen a dress with a truck on it. Or a robot. Or a spaceship. Since we had to start somewhere, we decided to start with what seemed to us to be a gaping hole in the marketplace.
  • We’re not making pants or shorts or t-shirts. (Follow up question: You know not all girls want to wear dresses, right?)
    • We are firm believers that girls should get to decide what they like to wear, and we wholeheartedly understand and support the fact that some girls don’t like wearing dresses or skirts. There are new companies springing up all over the place and old companies responding to the changing landscape both of which are creating t-shirts, shorts, and other apparel that goes beyond pink butterflies and giraffes wearing pearls. One day, when we’re cruising along with a catalog full of awesome clothes, we’d love to offer a wider variety of apparel for girls, but we had to start somewhere, so we’re starting here.
  • We’re not going to make all the same dresses we have up on our website in our first mass production run.
    • If we could raise $200,000 and create 15 different styles of dresses in all sorts of different themes, we absolutely would. We love love love our Busy Road Play Dress and all the related themes, and Eva especially is dying to create a line of literary themed dresses (Jane Austen Sillouette dress, anyone?), but we can’t do everything we want right out of the gate. We’re most likely going to start our line with three themes of dresses and onesies - including Pi. We have to start somewhere so we’re starting here.
  • Didn’t you say something about costumes at some point?
    • We have such a fun, fabulous idea for a whole line of costumes, but it’s going to have to wait until we’re cruising along with a catalog full of awesome clothes. We’ve got to start somewhere, so we’re starting here. (and we’ll tell you more about our idea in the next few months!)

Anything we didn’t cover? Still have questions for us? Please ask! 

Rebecca Melsky
Rebecca Melsky

Rebecca Melsky is a co-founder of Princess Awesome and its Chief Executive Officer. She and her husband are raising three kids in Washington, DC.

1 Response

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams

December 02, 2019

My daughter is a size 5T. Is that the same as a size 5? I don’t want to accidentally get a dress for a sixth grader when she is 3years old. Thank you!

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