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  • About Our Factories

    Chicago, USA | Annapolis, USA | South Orange, USA | Shelburne Falls, USA | Eugene, USA | Wichita Falls, USA | San Antonio, USA | Houston, USANorwich, UK | Hong Kong, China | Guangdong, China | Lahore, Pakistan | Jaipur, India | Mumbai, India | Dhaka, Bangladesh | Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam | Medellín, Colombia | Lima, Peru

    Chicago, United States


    Many Princess Awesome clothes are cut and sewn in a fantastic shop in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It has been in business for over 30 years and is run by a mother-daughter team. They are amazing partners and are instrumental in the development of our dresses.


    We have been to visit numerous times, and each time we are impressed with the facility, the employees, and the care and attention they put into every piece they sew.


    Most of the factory’s employees are women, and, to accommodate their needs, the shop opens early and closes at 3pm each day so the seamstresses can pick up their kids from school.

    Rebecca grew up outside of Chicago, and her parents live there now. In a stroke of serendipity, our amazing factory is just 2.5 miles away from where Rebecca’s parents live. Not only does this make it easier to visit the factory - every trip home is a trip to see Selvana (pictured left), head of the shop! - but it has also enabled Rebecca’s dad to make quick trips to pick up finished dresses or drop off new patterns when necessary.


    Eugene, USA

    Boutique Academia designs and assembles its science and math jewelry in a cozy studio in the Pacific Northwest. They work with artists all over the world to create inspiring pieces that highlight the beauty of science and the power of knowledge.

    Annapolis, USA

    North Star Pendants is a beloved side hobby of a teacher in Annapolis, Maryland. She makes beautiful glass jewelry by hand.

    South Orange, USA

    Cowgirl in the Sand is owned and operated by Elise Braden as a booth within a larger artists collective. She especially loves working with old pieces of silver and silver plate flatware. Pieces are cleaned organically and then repurposed into hand-stamped serving pieces, unique pieces of jewelry, bookmarks, and other gifts and accessories. Along with the vintage flatware, she also works with beach glass, coins, sterling silver, copper, paper and wood. And words, words, words. They make us laugh and cry, reflect memories of the past and hopes for the future.

    Shelburne Falls, USA

    Based in Massachusetts, Dalfiya partners with producers in South Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, and Egypt to present a collection of boho chic apparel, sterling silver jewelry, bridal accessories, sparkly conversation-starters custom made in any color with premium Austrian crystal, findings and components for your own projects, and fabulous unique finds from our travels.

    Wichita Falls, USA

    Neon Bison is an Etsy shop run by awesome designer, Katrina, specializing in hand-tooled and stamped metal jewelry designs.

     San Antonio, USA

    Le Chic Miami was started and is run by Lydia McConnell, a Seattle native with degrees in both Interior Architecture and User Experience Design. After moving to Miami in 2017, Lydia started designing, laser cutting and hand-painting earrings for herself at a local makerspace. After receiving so many compliments on her earrings Lydia decided to try and sell them at a local weekend market. By the end of the day in she was completely sold out of everything. Lydia continued to participate in weekend markets through 2019 then shifted Le Chic's focus to online sales and wholesale. In 2021, Le Chic Miami expanded their home studio and relocated to San Antonio. Lydia is now joined by three other aspiring designers and artists to bring Le Chic Miami's designs to life. We hope our products make you smile and brighten your day.

     Houston, USA

    Sugar Cubed Studios creates whimsical, charming jewelry and accessories, designed by Vivian in Houston and manufactured in China.

    Norwich, UK

    Founded in 2004, Lucent Studios is a woman-owned jewelry studio specializing in eccentric designs for an off-beat crowd - like us! Their team sources sustainable materials and manufactures ethically in the UK.

    Hong Kong, China

    We took our time in our search for outstanding overseas manufacturing partners who could maintain our commitment to ethically-made, high-quality products. We found Country Bright in the summer of 2017 and could not be more pleased.


    Established in 1983, Country Bright operates on an 88,000 m2 campus with 16 buildings composed of factories, dormitories, canteens, and recreational facilities. Country Bright's 1600 employees work in all aspects of the clothing manufacturing business - from design and patternmaking and grading to sourcing fabric and screenprinting and sewing.

    We have been working closely with our associates George and Lancy to make clothing with attention to detail, care, and quality, but most importantly - by adults! Country Bright is WCA-certified and adheres to the high ethical standards required for production of international apparel brands. 


    Guangdong, China

    Lovely Babies is an outstanding manufacturing partner in the heart of China's highly specialized garment city, Guangdong. All of their fabrics are made in-house on advanced, ecologically-friendly knitting and weaving equipment. They use the most advanced techniques in digitally printing on textiles, saving fabric, time, materials, and lessening environmental impact. They are a certified ethical producer with strict manufacturing standards for worker health and safety. They specialize in activewear (they make our sporty leggings) and childrenswear.

    Lahore, Pakistan

    One of the biggest challenges a small brand like ours faces is finding a manufacturing partner who is willing to produce in small quantities.  We met in person with the team from Unique Apparels in 2018 and 2020, and have worked with them to develop small runs of niche products, like our shorts and our joggers. You can see the fabric being produced at the end of the video here:

    Specializing in athletic wear with outstanding handfeel (the technical term for how soft or rough the fabric feels when you touch it with your bare hands), Unique manufactures fabrics exclusively for us with specific weights and fiber blends. 

    Located in Lahore, their facilities are segregated by men's and women's work rooms in order to accommodate religious and cultural practices. Their work, pay scales, and benefits are the same, including bonuses and leave to help care for their families.  

    Jaipur, India

    Art & Craft Exclusives is located in Jaipur, India, and specializes in dressmaking. Their beautiful attention to detail gives their work a special, handmade touch. Their artisan embroiderers work with both machine and handstitching to produce well-made, finely crafted dresses. They also specialize in block printing using traditional wooden blocks. Using their knowledge of outstanding craftsmanship, they have brought that same attention to digital printing for Princess Awesome.

    Mumbai, India

    Technocraft is a major supplier to apparel companies worldwide, including Tommy Hilfiger. They produce hundreds of thousands of garments every year from their factory in Mumbai, India. Princess Awesome is so tiny that all of our products are made with care in their sampling room by Swapna and her team. We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with this outstanding company, committed to pursuing the development of eco-friendly products such as the Creora spandex used in our dresses.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    At Cute Dress Industry, people and the environment come first. Cute Dress is committed to becoming a fully sustainable manufacturer by 2030 and is well on its way to achieve its goals. From the biodegradable packaging of products to recycling waste and water to solar electricity generation, Cute Dress considers environmental impact at every stage of its manufacturing processes.

    Cute Dress is also committed to the well-being of its employees, providing a daycare center, living wages, breastfeeding center, state-of-the-art fire safety, and full-time medical staff to its employees.

    Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam

    Our partner factory in Vietnam specializes in women's wear, particularly athleisure.  With a carefully managed, streamlined quality and safety inspection protocol, their workers produce beautiful leggings with attention to fit and detail.  

    Watch the process of creating a new style, from the sampling room to the ironing room. See if you can spot the Princess Awesome products! Note: most pictures were taken prior to the pandemic.

    Medellín, Colombia

    Textifull SAS shares with Princess Awesome a commitment to empowering women. One of its several factories employs only women who are the heads of their households in an effort to reduce poverty and provide a living for their families. Workers in every facility are paid a living wage and have access to childcare, flexible hours, and safe working conditions.

    Textifull specializes in cotton goods, particularly knit jersey. Their high-quality fabrics are the perfect match for Princess Awesome's play dress and shirt lines.

    Lima, Peru

    Ecotexma is committed to the highest standards of clothing manufacturing quality and ethical labor standards while continuously improving on sustainability and environmental impact. Founded in 2012, they have grown