Run By Women

At Princess Awesome, we believe in creating a product that empowers girls through a production chain that empowers women. From the founders to the factory to the photographer, women and the businesses they run are crucial to every step in making Princess Awesome apparel.

Let us introduce you to the women who make Princess Awesome possible:

Founders: Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair

Before Princess Awesome, Rebecca was a full-time teacher and Eva was a stay-at-home mom and part-time web developer. They had no background in fashion or business, but they saw a gaping hole in the girls’ clothing market and wanted to fill it. Read more about the founders of Princess Awesome and how they brought it to life in About Us.

Graphic Designer: Elishka Jepson

The graphic designer behind most of the Princess Awesome prints is Elishka Jepson. Not only is she an amazing artist and designer, she’s an actual rocket scientist. Yep, a real-life aeronautical engineer designed our rockets print! She’s also mom to a little boy and three basset hounds. Read more about her in our blog post introducing Elishka.

Solid Color Cotton Fabric: Josephine DeBono at Delyla

The solid color cotton fabric for our twirly play dresses is custom-knitted and dyed for Princess Awesome at Delyla, a small-scale fabric manufacturer in Montreal, Canada, run by Josephine. In addition to being soft, durable, and vibrant, Delyla cotton is also GOTS-certified organic.

Printed Fabric: Penny Tio at Prima-Tex Industries

Princess Awesome fabrics are printed at Prima-Tex, a print-house outside of Los Angeles, CA. Prima-Tex cuts screens (similar to stencils) to create our prints, mixes and matches our colors, and prints thousands of yards of bright, awesome, custom fabrics for us. Prima-Tex is a large company founded by Penny Tio, a chemical engineer, who delights in the chemical composition of colors and dyes. In addition to her other accomplishments, she invented a method of printing foil on fabric with a glue she engineered to keep the foil from coming off.

Factory: Selvana Ashak at Sew Precise

Princess Awesome dresses are cut and sewn in a factory in Chicago, IL, run by Selvana Ashak and her mother, Betoal. They’ve been in business for over 30 years, producing high-quality, carefully crafted apparel. They also run the factory on “mom hours,” 7am - 3:30pm, honoring and respecting their employees, who are able to leave work in time to pick their kids up from school. Read more about and see photos of Our Factory. Watch a Princess Awesome TV interview with Selvana and Betoal.

Photographer: Katie Jett Walls at Red Turtle Photography

Local DC photographer, Katie Jett Walls who runs Red Turtle Photography, does all of Princess Awesome’s official photography. She does a remarkable job of capturing not just our prints and products, but the energy and spirit of the girls who wear the dresses during our shoots, which is truly what Princess Awesome is about. PS - she does family photography, too!

Many of our consultants and support services are also woman-run: patternmakers, bookkeepers, accountants, web development and editing, business coach, advisors, and video editor. Our warehouse and shipping facility, Planet Access Company, is the only service provider we use that is not owned by women. Planet Access employs people with disabilities, another issue we care deeply about here at Princess Awesome.

At Princess Awesome, we call ourselves a girls’ empowerment company, but we actually don’t seek to empower girls. We cater to the power they already have. And we are proud to utilize the power of many talented women and their businesses to bring Princess Awesome apparel to your awesome girls.