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About Our Photography

Our photographer, Katie Jett Wells, is a mom and owner of Katie Jett Walls Photography. She captures not just our products but the spirit of our mission: the awesomeness of children and adults just being themselves. Katie's genius as a documentary photographer is to find that extraordinary spark at work in the ordinary moments of life.

One of our favorite space to take pictures is at The Little Loft, an art exploration space in Takoma Park, Maryland, that offers workshops and creative space for preschoolers to teens. Filled with light and clean open space, the Little Loft is the perfect place for imaginative children to explore and create.

Another awesome space we love is the Sun Room, created by Salt & Sundry.  A lovely open space with natural light, it was great to shoot there during winter months when we needed an indoor location.

We've also used the abandoned walls of Hyattsville, Maryland, for many of our shoots, especially when we had to shoot outdoors during the pandemic. Sadly for us but great for Hyattsville, these abandoned buildings are being torn down to make way for new development.

Keep an eye out for a totally new, custom-designed space for Princess Awesome photoshoots coming soon!