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    We are Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair, the co-founders of Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder. It’s nice to meet you!

    We live in Washington, DC, and run our little company from our laptops and wherever we can find a quiet (or not-so-quiet) spot in our houses. 

    Eva has four kids -  three boys and a girl - and has a background in web development, sewing, and Medieval History. She is the Chief Creative Officer for Princess Awesome and spends her time designing new products, coordinating production with our factory partners, and doing technical work on the website.

    Rebecca has three kids - two boys and a girl - and was a teacher for 10 years before starting the business. She is the Chief Executive Officer for Princess Awesome and spends her time writing emails, creating and updating spreadsheets, and posting on social media. 

    We built this company together out of friendship - we first met in Berkeley, CA, when our husbands were in graduate school together 15 years ago - and we welcome every new customer to Princess Awesome like a new good friend. We wish we could take you out for coffee and a chat. Since we can’t, we hope 15% off your first order will suffice. Let us know if you have thoughts, questions, or ideas. Or if you have a good joke. We love a good joke. :)


    Rebecca + Eva

    About Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder

    Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Science. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Sparkles.

    Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Science. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Sparkles.

    Have you visited the clothing section in a mainstream retailer lately? If you have, you know that some of these topics are only found on one side of the gender divide in stores - and all of the rest are on the other. Apparently only boys like trucks, and only girls like unicorns. Boys wear navy blue but not pink (or nearly any other color than gray, blue, and red), and girls get lots of rainbows but no trains. Meanwhile, us poor adult women get florals on everything while men get...cartoons they watched as kids? 80s punk bands? Khakis and gym shirts and a lot of plain black everything.

    We at Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder know that these gender stereotypes hurt everyone. Girls deserve clothes that tell the world about all the neat things they’re interested in and encourage adults to do more than comment on how pretty they look. Boys deserve clothes that reflect the fact that they are the loving, kind-natured kids we all know and care about - not just “trouble” and “heartbreakers.” And everyone - all individual human beings - deserve to be seen as their true selves and honored for their own unique set of interests.

    That’s why we’re here. Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder smashes those stereotypes.

    We defy stereotypes. We deserve clothes that do, too.

    About Our Products

    We have very high standards for our products and put a huge amount of time into selecting prints and fabrics when we design new styles. We use only high quality, soft, comfortable fabrics that will stand up to the normal wear and tear of childhood. We look for designs that are engaging and smart, and we put pockets in everything. Everything. Pockets are non-negotiable.  

    We also have high standards for the production partners we work with. Our partner factories in the US and abroad have ethical certifications and treat their workers well. We actively seek out factories that create working conditions that favor the flexibility families need. Read more about all of our production partners here.