About Us

Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Science. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Sparkles.

Have you visited the kids” clothing section in a mainstream retailer lately? If you have, you know that these some of these topics are only found on one side of the gender divide in stores - and all of the rest are on the other. Apparently only boys like dragons, and only girls like cats. Boys wear navy blue but not pink, and girls get lots of rainbows but not trucks.

Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder know that these gender stereotypes hurt all kids. Girls deserve clothes that tell the world about all they’re interested in and encourage adults to do more than comment on how pretty they look. Boys deserve clothes that reflect the fact that they are the loving, kind-natured kids we all know and care about - not just “trouble” and “heartbreakers.” All kids deserve to be seen for their true selves and honored for their own unique set of interests.

That’s why we’re here. Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder are here to smash those stereotypes. We’re here to run, jump, climb, and dance along with your kids so they can wear a piece of their awesome, wonderful selves out into the world.

Your kids defy gender stereotypes. They deserve clothes that do, too.

More About Us Than You Wanted To Know

We make Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder clothes in the US and ethically in Hong Kong. Read about our factories and the fantastic people who run them.

We’re a company run by women. Read about all the ladies who make this company possible.

Over the years, some pretty cool news outlets have been interested in writing about our little company. Check out some our favorites. (Googling “Princess Awesome” will also yield a lot of results. :) ) 

We think a lot about issues around gender stereotypes, girls’ empowerment, pockets, and other fascinating topics. We write about them on our blog. Check out our blog.


Rebecca Melsky & Eva St. Clair with their daughters


When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress.

What was your favorite subject in school?

What do you do for Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder?
I run most of our marketing strategy, I handle our finances (there are so many spreadsheets in my life), I coordinate our US manufacturing, and I’m in charge of picking Pantones for all of our prints because apparently I have an eye for color.

If you were a superhero what would your power be?
Laser Beam eyes (ie, being able to deliver a stare that withers opponents. I was a teacher for 10 years.)

What’s “awesome” about being a mom?
Getting to be around and know and watch grow these little people who, even though they might drive you crazy sometimes, are just amazing. The love you feel for them and and the love they feel for you is breathtaking. The most joyous thing I’ve ever experienced.

What’s your favorite joke?
What’s the difference between a turtle and a bird?
Both of them can fly. Except the turtle.


When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?
A paleontologist.

What was your favorite subject in school?
Not math.

What do you do for Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder?
I come up with all kinds of ideas for new products (I spend a lot of time drawing things on my iPad and sewing), I'm our in-house computer programmer and techie, and I manage the tons of product samples that we've acquired and that currently live in our basement.

If you were a superhero what would your power be?
Chameleon eyesight (ie, eyes able to see in all directions. I have 4 kids).

What’s “awesome” about being a mom?
It’s awesome (in the meaning of the word as “inspiring a feeling of admiration, reverence, or fear”) to understand that you have at one and the same time a huge amount of control over your children and absolutely none at all.

What’s your favorite joke?
Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender says, "You want a drink?" Descartes says, "I think not," and disappears.

How princess awesome & boy wonder started

In the spring of 2013, Rebecca went to buy her daughter pajamas from a big mainstream store. She bought a few sets of cute, pastel pajamas with ice cream cones and hearts from the girls' section and a few sets of red and blue pajamas with robots and rocket ships from the boys' section.

On her way out, she passed the girls' section and glanced through the dresses, the only article of clothing other than pajamas that her daughter would wear at that time (or currently, for that matter!). "It's too bad," she thought, "that there are no dresses with robots on them, because she would totally wear one. Or a dress with a truck. Or a dinosaur. Or an airplane. Or a pirate. Or a train. But those don't exist."

With no more than a brief conversation with Eva about the sad state of the thematic divide between girls' and boys' clothes, Princess Awesome was born. And we got to work. (For more on our origin story read here.)

In the fall of 2013, we created our first test batch of dresses in Eva's basement on a 1948 Singer sewing machine.

Within three weeks, we had sold 75% of our original stock and made more in batches over the course of the following year, all of which also sold out within a few weeks of production.

With six children between the two of us, two full time jobs - one out-of-the-home and one in-the-home - we realized that making things by hand was unsustainable. We began looking into factory production and quickly realized that the start-up capital we needed was beyond what we could finance ourselves. We decided to launch a Kickstarter, and on February 3, 2015, Princess Awesome set out to raise $35,000 on the crowdfunding platform.

After a post from A Mighty Girl helped spread the word about Princess Awesome far and wide, we concluded our campaign on March 4, 2015, having raised over $215,000 - officially making us the highest performing childrenswear Kickstarter ever.

We completed our first run of factory production in the summer of 2015 and opened our on-line store in August 2015.

Over the next three and a half years, we introduced many more themes, styles, and products to the Princess Awesome collection and even heeded the request of many of our customers and brought out adult sizing in skirts, shirts, and dresses. By early 2019 we knew we were ready to tackle the other side of the childrens’ clothing department and Boy Wonder was born.

We ran a crowdfunding campaign to launch Princess Awesome’s little brother brand in April 2019 and launched the joint sibling site in October later that year.

We know there are so many kids who defy gender stereotypes, and we’re here to create clothes that do, too.

Princess Awesome for sale at the Christmas bazaar
Princess Awesome for sale for the very first time - November of 2013 at Eva's church's annual holiday bazaar.