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Origin Story

October 01, 2014

Superman has one. Batman has one. And we have one, too. 

It started back in April of 2013. I stopped in a big chain store because my daughter, E, then almost three, needed new pajamas. And I did what I always did when buying her pajamas. First I went to the girls section and picked out a few sets that had some assortment of cute, pastel colors with ice cream cones, hearts, and butterflies. Then I walked to the other side of the store and bought her a few pairs from the boys section - red ones with dinosaurs, dark blue ones with rocket ships and planets, and an orange and blue set with construction equipment.

As I walked out past the girls section again I glanced through the dresses. My daughter, then and now, will only wear dresses. She loves to twirl and spin and doesn’t mind tying up the ends of her dress when climbing at the park or showing off her underwear when doing a somersault. We can sometimes convince her to wear a skirt, and on a rare occasion, she’ll wear pants or shorts without something twirly over it, but mostly she just loves dresses. And, to be totally honest, I love buying them for her.

But the thing I started thinking about that day as I walked to the register with my motley collection of packaged pajamas is that E also loves wearing her robot jammies and the ones with the dogs (the ones you know aren’t meant for girls because the dogs aren’t wearing lipstick or pearls or a hat with a flower). It’s too bad, I thought, that there are no dresses with robots on them, because she would totally wear that. Or a dress with a truck. Or a dinosaur. Or an airplane. Or a pirate. Or an alien. Or a train.

I couldn’t shut my brain off. Even with a six week old baby, I couldn’t fall asleep that night. Someone should make dresses like this! I should make dresses like this! But I can’t sew. Should I learn to sew? Should I just call Old Navy and complain? Should I call Old Navy and try to sell my idea? Can you even do that? I should learn to sew. How should I do that? Who do I know that sews? Eva! She’s a great seamstress! Maybe she’ll want to teach me how to sew. Oh wait…. Even better! Maybe she’ll want to do this with me! And on and on my brain went.

A couple of weeks later, I threw myself a little birthday picnic out in Rock Creek Park, and Eva and family joined us. As soon as we had a slightly quiet moment, I pulled Eva aside.

“Eva,” I said, “I want to start a company that makes girls clothes - like for girls, dresses and skirts and things - with things on them that are usually only on boys clothes - like trucks and dinosaurs and stuff. Do you want to do it with me? Be partners? Start a business together?”

I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I do remember that she answered immediately, without a moment’s pause and with a look of seriousness and excitement on her face. Serious excitement. Excited seriousness. And then she said, “Can you come over this week for a business meeting? We can start to plan.”

And that was it. Princess Awesome was born.

We've come a long way since our basement-sewn, handmade products four years ago. From left to right: our first pi dress, our Kickstarter sample, our Kickstarter tunic pi dress, and our twirly skirt with pockets longsleeve version. Coming soon: a twirly sleeveless version with pockets!

Rebecca Melsky
Rebecca Melsky


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September 01, 2017

Still waiting for a boys’ clothing line that isn’t filled with ugly, muddied colors and violent or sports imagery. Whatever happened to bright primary colored shirts? Even if we leave out pink and purple, there’s yellow, green, blue, orange, red… Meanwhile my son has grown up but still hankers after clothing that doesn’t look like something you’d wear as an extra in a dystopian flick.


May 26, 2017

I love this. My daughter would have loved this when she was little. Now I need a prince awesome clothing line for my little prince who loves pink, purple and all things girly:)


March 10, 2017

I LOVE that you’re combining “girly” and “non-girly!” Like your kiddo, my little ladies are equally comfortable in their frilly frocks or brothers’ hand-me-downs. Their interests run the gamut from flowers, cupcakes, and nail polish to math (their favorite subject), Legos, monster trucks, and picking up dog poop from the yard (their favorite chore – lol). Their favorite colors remain the same, though – pink, purple, and turquoise. You can’t always find pieces, or even material to make your own, that combine the cool stuff they’re into with the colors they love. I may have to find some birthday gifts for them on here!


March 02, 2017

YES YES YES! A million times yes!
My daughter (also an E, yay!) is the same! Can’t wait to show her this stuff and pick out some fun things together :)

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