Princess Awesome and Girls Will Be present the #girlsdeservepockets Giveaway

by Eva St. Clair

May 09, 2018

In recent weeks, there’s been quite a lot of attention on a topic near and dear to our hearts: pockets in girls’ clothing -- or rather, the lack thereof.

We’ve been putting them on our dresses, leggings and shorts since 2016 and we’re so honored that many of you tagged us to bring us into the national conversation about pockets for girls.

Our co-founder, Eva St. Clair, has written about the importance of pockets several times and we invite you to read her posts A Pocket Full of Independence and Girls Deserve Pockets. But really, it’s pretty simple. We believe that…

  • Pockets foster independence.
  • Pockets free her hands up to explore the world unencumbered.
  • Pockets empower her. 
  • And she deserves them.

To continue to raise awareness about this important issue, we’re joining forces with our friends at Girls Will Be, a girls clothing company that makes totally amazing shorts for girls with lots of pockets, to keep the #girlsdeservepockets movement moving forward.

But we can’t do it alone. We want to hear from you!

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #girlsdeservepockets and:

Show us what’s in her pockets by sharing a video or photo.


Share a video of her talking about why she loves pockets or why not having pockets is a problem.

You can also tell us your story about pockets in writing by tagging us on social media or emailing us at

By participating, you have the chance to win a dress of your choice from Princess Awesome and a pair of Girls Will Be shorts, both with super amazing pockets, of course! Giveaway ends May 31, 2018!

Eva St. Clair

Eva St. Clair is a co-founder of Princess Awesome and the company's Chief Creative Officer. She and her husband are raising four kids outside of Washington, DC.


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