Girls Deserve Pockets

May 14, 2017

At the park the other day, my daughter was climbing up the play structure with one hand, a small plastic bunny toy in her other. Upset that she was making no progress (!), she turned to me and asked for help.

“You don’t need any help,” I said. “Just put the bunny in your pocket.”

She looked surprised for a second, then opened up the pocket on her Rockets dress, and stuck the bunny inside. She climbed up the bars without a problem and smiled at me when she reached the top of the slide. She stuck her hand back in her pocket, retrieved the bunny, and slid down. Then she did it all over again.

Bug collectors need a dress with pockets.

Every day we hear from customers who are delighted that our dresses have pockets. One would think that every piece of kids’ clothing would come with dozens of pockets since kids are in constant need of them. Yet the vast majority of girls’ clothing (and women’s clothing too) is devoid of pockets. There’s a long history of why women’s clothes don’t have pockets, which you might enjoy reading about at the Mic and Racked.

Without doing rather a large amount of historical research, I would hypothesize that girls’ clothes don’t have pockets because, particularly in the last twenty years, girls’ clothing is often designed as shrunken-down women’s or teen’s clothing. Rather than thinking of girls as kids in need of kids’ clothing, many designers think of girls as mini-fashionistas in bubble skirts, big sunglasses, and heeled sandals that the vast majority of kids on the playground would never wear (or at least not as one outfit all at once while at the playground).

There’s a rocket in my pocket! Ok, it’s a space shuttle. Close enough for Rockets Girl.

The point is, girls’ clothing is often designed more for visual appeal than for utility - and that affects how girls play, move, and navigate daily life. We’re committed to making dresses with pockets - because we can, because they’re useful, and because girls deserve them.

Eva St. Clair
Eva St. Clair


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May 20, 2017

Looking forward to the day you add an adult women’s line.


May 16, 2017

My 4 year old adores her Princess Awesome Pi dress. The pockets are fantastic. Thank you!

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