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"Parenting is a walk in the park - Jurassic Park"

by Ana Balich June 01, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

They’re fast, they’re clever, they will sniff you out wherever you’re hiding, and they screech in nonhuman decibels. We’re talking about raptors, but could very well be talking about toddlers. Have you checked out our new “Clever Girl” dress? We’re ecstatic with our newest release - a nod to Jurassic Park and the way raptors bear some not-so-subtle similarities to the discerning little creatures in our own lives.

Which got us thinking about this quote: “Parenting is a walk in the park - Jurassic Park.” In honor of our newest release, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite memes from parents who agree with this sentiment. Stick with us for a dose of 90s nostalgia and parenting hilarity!

1. You are Never Safe in the Bathroom

(Source: instagram.com/gooddadmovement)

Having your hungry kid bust in on you while you’re in the bathroom feels eerily similar to this iconic scene where the T-Rex breaks down the bathroom doors and eats greedy lawyer, Donald Gennaro.

2. Who Knew Your Toddler Learning New Skills Could Be So Scary

(Source: twitter.com/bunandleggings)

There are times when milestones go from being welcomed to feared, and a toddler learning to find her way around into new places definitely qualifies.

3. When Toddlers Can’t Appreciate the Gravity of What They’ve Done


(Source: instagram.com/legendofthedad)

John Hammond’s admiration for his masterful, yet terrifying creations is not unlike your child’s pride when they do something like paint a huge mural with permanent markers in your living room. Ian Malcolm’s famous line to Hammond, that he was so concerned with whether he could do it, that he didn’t stop to think about whether he should, could easily be a child’s mantra.

4. When the Smallest Separations Are Dramatic

(Source: instagram.com/not_thenanny)

All we ask of Dr. Grant is that he keeps the kids occupied long enough for us to wash our hair!

5. There is No Easy Way to be a Parent

(Source: instagram.com/momof1anddone)

Whether you're distracting one hangry beast like Dr. Alan Grant, or negotiating with three cunning siblings like Owen Grady, parenting is one scary ride.

6. You Can Never Truly Relax

(Source: instagram.com/bunandleggings)

The moment you sit down to do your own thing, your kids will find you, especially if “doing your own thing” means eating delicious snacks.

7. Don’t Even Look at Them

(Source: instagram.com/with_love_becca)

Take it from a couple of veteran moms, if your kids are playing nicely together, don’t make eye contact or they will sniff out your relaxation. Keep still until they forget about you and hopefully you can make it out alive - uh, we mean get a little me-time.

8. Distraction is the Name of the Game

(Source: instagram.com/stay.at.homies)

And what a precarious game it is. You don’t know if it’s going to work and any reminder of their actual object of affection will render your efforts meaningless. We feel you on this one, Dr. Grant!

9. It’s Safe to Say We Adore our Clever Little Creatures

(Source: instagram.com/not_thenanny)

There is nothing more tender than watching our little ones sleep and Dr. Grant’s face here captures the amazement and adoration we feel as they rest their little heads to refresh for another day in the (Jurassic) Park.

Let us know which of these memes resonated with you the most and don't forget to check out all our latest releases by clicking here!

Ana Balich
Ana Balich

1 Response


June 04, 2021

HILARIOUS and so true!! Thanks for the good laughs, haha! #2 was my favorite. :)

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