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  • About the Designer - Markéta Stengl

    April 10, 2023 1 min read

    Markéta is a surface pattern designer based in Zürich. Her passion is creating charming patterns and illustrations with a touch of magic. From an incredibly early age, her parents encouraged her to draw and paint with watercolors. Her mother showed and taught her various textile crafting techniques like embroidery, bobbin lace, and sewing. Her father, on the other hand, could draw anything she asked for without looking at a reference. It felt natural to her to choose a creative path.

    After graduating in Fiber Arts from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague she started her career working in graphic design. But it was after her children were born that she developed a deeper love for creating art and patterns. She has an ever-growing number of prints in her print-on-demand fabric online store on Spoonflower.

    Furthermore, her designs have been licensed on fabric, apparel, pillows, bags, stationery products, and an app.  After coming up with an idea, her design process always starts with "ugly sketches" on paper, then she creates her final pieces in Photoshop. Some of her inspiration comes from her favorite sources like Japanese crafts, sashiko embroidery, the night sky, forests, trees, and the world of plants. She also finds a lot of magic in recreational mathematics.

    You can browse Markéta's work at:

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