“She-Rex” Dinosaurs Leggings with Pockets


T-Rex, Pteradactyl, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops romp around volcanoes, hatching dino eggs, and other prehistoric elements in this brightly-colored future-paleontologist's dream design. Made of a soft, stretchy, durable cotton-spandex blend, these comfy leggings come with big side pockets to support her hands-free exploration. 

92-8% cotton-spandex jersey. Made in Chicago, Illinois. About our factory.

What size should I get? Take a look at these awesome girls wearing different sizes: All clothes in photos have been washed and dried. Out-of-package clothes will be larger. Need more sizing help?
Size Weight (lbs) Height (inches) Unwashed
Inseam (inches)
Inseam* (inches)
2T 25-30  33-35 14.5 13
3T 29-33 36-38.5 17 15.5
4T 34-40 39-42 19.75 18
5 41-46 43-46 21.5 19.5
6 47-55 47-50 23 21
8 -- 51-54 25.5 23.5
10 -- 55-57 27.75 26
12 -- 58-59 30 27.5

*Shrinkage may vary depending on laundering technique.

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Size Chart

Sizing Notes from Founders

Rebecca and Eva’s Notes on Sizing

What Size Should I Get?

Here’s what we’d tell you if you called us on the phone. Keep in mind that our products shrink in the wash and are sized based on this shrinkage, so they might look big when worn the first time.

Long Sleeve & Sleeveless Play Dresses

Our customers report that the sleeveless twirly play dresses fit true-to-size to a little small. The top fits on the narrow side, and the skirt hits just below the knee. If you’re not sure which size to get, we recommend buying a size up.


Our snapsuits fit with room in the body, capped sleeves, and with the skirt above the knee so little ones can crawl without getting caught. Snapsuits run true-to-size to small. When in doubt, buy a size up. 


Our leggings fit true-to-size. They have a 1" elastic waistband that fits just below the waist. They are designed to be a little long to allow for extended wear so they may bunch at the ankle. 


The shirts fit true-to-size to small. The fabric of the shirts - a thick, soft, beautiful cotton - is kind of magic - it looks fine if it’s big but it also easily stretches if it’s small. If you’re not sure which size to get, we recommend going a size up.


The infant-sized headband generally fits a newborn through size 2T (it's 16" around with elastic in the back), but since kids' heads stop growing at fast rates after age 2, it may continue to fit up to age 4. The child headband fits ages 3-12 (17" around), and the adult headband fits teens and adults (21" around).  


Weight (lbs)

Height (inches)

(snapsuit fits up to) 3 months 8-12 18-24
(snapsuit fits up to) 6 months 10-16 23-26
(snapsuit fits up to) 9 months 14-20 24-28
(snapsuit fits up to) 12 months 17-26 26-30
(snapsuit fits up to) 18 months 24-29 31-34
12 months (dress) 18-24 28-32
18 months (dress) 22-25 30-34
2T 25-30  33-35
3T 29-33 36-38.5
4T 34-40 39-42
5 41-46 43-46
6 47-55 47-50
8 -- 51-54
10 -- 55-57
12 -- 58-59