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  • Neuron Earrings

    This product will be restocked.

    • To the casual eye, one of these earrings might look like a stylized tree. After all, there is a reason that "dendrite" was derived from the Greek word for "tree." The opposite earring in this cutely matched pair, however, is impossible to miss!

      From dendrite to axon terminal, the design is structurally correct, and includes details like the nucleus and Schwann cells. These detailed earrings measure about 1.75" from the top of the hook to the bottom, assembled on stainless steel hooks.

      Honestly, who couldn't use two extra brain cells every once in a while?

      • Earring measures 1.75" from the top of the hook to the bottom of the circle
      • Stainless steel hooks

    This product will be restocked.

    Made by Boutique Academia in Eugene, Oregon. About our factories.

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