“Guess My Favorite” Dinosaurs Youth T-Shirt


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Can you guess her favorite? As every dinosaur lover knows, the answer is always “All of the Above!” Your future paleontologist will be super cool in her high quality, lightweight shirt featuring all her favorites - T-Rex, Pteradactyl, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

100% cotton. Made in ethically in China. About our factories.

What size should I get? Take a look at these awesome girls wearing different sizes: All clothes in photos have been washed and dried. Out-of-package clothes will be larger.
Size Weight (lbs) Height (inches) Approximate size
YXS 32-40 34-40 3-4
YS 40-55 40-46 5-6
YM 55-70 46-52 6-8
YL 70-90 52-58 8-10
YXL 90-115 58+ 10-12

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