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  • November 22, 2017 4 min read 2 Comments

    All parents strive to give proper education to their children. However, each of you should remember that high-quality education starts not at school or prestigious university, but at home, where parents devote enough time to educate their kids. In this post, I will tell you about ten fun ideas of writing games for kids that will help you to teach your children in a simple and enjoyable way!

    What Are The Most Fun Writing Games For Kids?

    To make a significant contribution to your kid’s development and education you should keep in mind that the main activity for every child is a game. Through the game, the child discovers the world around him. Therefore, any developmental activity with a child should be organized in the form of a fun game to reach good results and simply ensure exciting pastime for you and your kid!

    1. Finish the story

    Make writing fun with some fiction prompts! If your kid can already write confidently but still does it reluctantly, offer him to play a game, during which you will have to create a short novel together. Discuss the topic with a child (find many interesting creative writing topics here) and write down a few sentences that he will need to continue – this will get him interested and help to develop not only writing skills, but also imagination!

    2. Create paintings with your names

    Children often find it fun to paint. This exercise will help you to combine fun and creative activity with learning – use a sticky tape to write your names (or any other things), color the whole paper, and then peel off the tape!

    3. Do grocery shopping together

    Ask your kid to create a short list of groceries that you need to buy every week, including their personal wishes (chocolate, treats, and other). And, if you child can’t write yet, ask him to create the same list but in pictures and then tell you what they have drawn!

    4. Creating new words

    This exercise will help to develop logical thinking and enhance kid’s writing skills. Prepare several cards with short words (3-5 letters), then show them to your children and ask them to come up with two or more other words that consist of the same letters!

    5. Write a book

    Children tend to be more creative than adults. Moreover, the majority of them really enjoy different creative activities, so this idea will help you make teaching process much more fun! Ask your kid to create his own book (even if it is a small essay, encourage his desire to create something big) on any topic. Then help him to design the book. Create a bright cover page, add pages, and draw the illustrations together – believe me, your child will love doing this!

    6. Learn the alphabet

    Learn the letters while creating your own design for the alphabet! This activity is perfect for preschool education – it will help you to give the necessary knowledge base and do something fun together with your child!

    7. Write a poem

    This will be fun for elder schoolchildren. The idea of this task is to create everything that you kid sees around into a poem – for example, you can go for a walk and ask your son or daughter to fill in the gaps in this small poem with what they see:

    At the park, I see ________________;
    In the woods, I hear ______________;
    In wintertime, I feel ______________ ;
    And so on.

    8. Find a match

    Create cards with the words of different meanings or, if your kid is a bit older, you can create cards with jobs and tools needed for them, and so on, then put them on the table and ask your son or daughter to find matching cards.

    9. Add some competition

    Often, competition is not only fun but also very effective! Thus, if you have more than one child (or you can invite some other kids to come over) create a fun activity for everyone; for example, ask them to create movie scripts! You can also offer a prize for the best script!

    10. Fun envelopes

    If you have a birthday party or any other even just around the corner – this is a great time to do another exciting writing activity! Offer your kid to create beautiful envelopes with invitations and then ask him to write a short message on each of them!

    These are my top ten activities! I bet that your children will love each one of them! However, you should always keep in mind that any, at first sight, boring activity, even performing essays, can be turned into a fun game if you add just a bit of creativity and imagination and your kids will thank you for this!


    Helen Birk is a passionate writer at EduBirdie and a happy mother of three amazing children. Helen claims that she enjoys spending time with her children, teaching them, and playing games. As a writer, Helen Birk is confident that writing skills are among the most basic that each person needs to have and that is why she shares her favorite training activities that she used with her kids and recommends to other parents!

    2 Responses


    February 01, 2022

    Pls post some activities for 7 to 8 class

    Terri Thomas
    Terri Thomas

    September 28, 2021

    I am a middle school teacher. Do you have any suggestions for grades six through eight? I really liked the ones for elementary school students that you posted.

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