$500 Giveaway: Breaking Stereotypes, Not Glasses

March 22, 2020 2 Comments

The school was calling again. AGAIN.


"Hi, just calling to tell you your son was hit in the head with a soccer ball at recess. He's fine but his glasses broke."


How was it possible that the kid who refuses to play team sports and doesn't like gym because he thinks his uniform is ugly and undignified still managed to cost me $100 in broken glasses due to a soccer ball?  This was the third time in six months, and now I had to replace them completely because the frames had snapped and I couldn't superglue them back together.


Enter RoShambo Baby. Their awesome super duper flexible frames can get run over by a truck and still not break. They make glasses, sunglasses, and (my kid's favorite) transitions (normal to sunglasses).  Voila! The solution to this kid's problem. 

We've teamed up to offer an awesome giveaway!

$500 Breaking Stereotypes Not Glasses Giveaway by Princess Awesome and Roshambo Baby


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Denise Hayes
Denise Hayes

March 24, 2020

Bought the gamer dress when it first came out for my daughter. She absolutely loved it. Since then we’ve added additional dresses, skirts and leggings from your science/math &coding collections. Her 2 favorites are the dragon skirt and top and the heart circuit top and leggings.

Marisa Nadas
Marisa Nadas

March 24, 2020

We love you guys!!!

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