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"I Spy Pi!" - Finding Pi Around the House

by Angela Chng February 20, 2019 2 min read


π (3.1415…) is the answer to EVERY math problem that divides the distance around a circle (circumference) by the distance across the middle of that same circle (diameter).

This popular number describes a math pattern in nature that has fascinated people for over 4,500 years. We know that people were aware of π for that long because the number is connected to the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt (the distance around the pyramid divided by the height of the pyramid is approximately 2π).

Princess Awesome’s “I Spy Pi” dress reminds us that π is everywhere; we only need to look for it. π solves problems, predicts answers, and makes calculations easier. π is connected to light, sound, electronics, clocks, looking for planets, car speedometers, ferris wheels, soccer balls, throwing, moving, computers, rainbows, rivers, …. The list goes on and on.

Scavenger Hunts for Pi!

Large π symbols are hidden amidst tiny math details in Princess Awesome’s newest Pi dress. Take your search for π beyond this fantastic new dress by creating some Pi Day scavenger hunts.

1. Point out the numbers of π on the “I Spy Pi” dress. Try to find them in the order they appear in π.

2. Hide numbered cards (using the Ace for the number “1”) throughout the house. Have your child find them in the order they appear in π.

3. Make a list of items to find, quantifying them based on the digits in π (3 socks, 1 cup, 4 pencils, 1 piece of paper, 5 spoons, 9 crayons, 2 shirts,….).


This is the first in our series of Pi Day activities and resources created by STEMstitute.  Make sure to check out How Pi Got Its Name, Make a Pi Necklace, and Pie for Pi Day!

Angela Chng
Angela Chng

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