2018 Back to School Round Up of Awesomeness!

by Eva St. Clair

August 05, 2018

The 2018-2019 school year fast approaches!  We know you're out there looking for that awesome accessory that perfectly matches her interests - here are a few we love that we think she'll love too!

1. Firefighter Bicycle Helmet

This adorable Firefighter Bike Helmet is perfect for the kid who rides a bike to school and loves fire engines!  Pair it with a Fire Engines Dress!

2. Rocket Ship Backpack

This is a toddler's Rocket Ship Backpack, designed to take along a favorite stuffed animal who can ride in the "bubble" on the outside, which is a great solution for bringing a special comfort toy to school (but not actually bringing it to school!). You could also make a photo cutout of your girl, so she can blast off to a great school year.  Pairs with her Rocket Dress!

3. Robot Pencil Sharpener

We LOVE this super retro Robot Pencil Sharpener - it's a great size for a small desk and that wind up key actually does wind up the robot so that it totters about. Perfect for the girl who loves her Robots Dress

4. Shark Socks

SHARK SOCKS!!!  Yes, these are just the perfect match for her Shark leggings - a beautiful blue color with lovely swimming sharks of all kinds.

5. Ninja Pens

Nothing boosts one's confidence quite like a good pen (ref. Anne of Windy Poplars). And how can you fail when you're working with an awesome Ninja Pen? Just right for the girl who loves her Ninja Dress!

6. "Clever Girl" Velociraptor Watch

Dinosaur lovers, this is for you. One of the best lines ever spoken in a movie - gamekeeper Robert Muldoon to one of Jurassic Park's velocirapters: "Clever Girl" - featured on a wristwatch. We have to forgive the makers for thinking she's a dragon :)  Goes great with any of her Dinosaur dresses, shirts, and leggings!

7. John Deere Digger Backpack

Big round wheels and simple design make this John Deere Digger Backpack perfect for first-time school goers. Buy it for your daughter - defy the "toddler boy" label.  Perfectly paired with her Construction Trucks Super Twirler Dress!

8. Fire Skull Bicycle Helmet

This is my favorite of our picks this year. How awesomely fierce is your Dragon Girl going to look blazing off to school wearing this amazing Fire Skull Bicycle Helmet?  A terrific match for her Dragon Skirt or Shirt

9. Locomotive Pocket Watch

I know this seems like a disaster waiting to happen - give a little kid a pocket watch??  But this is first-hand experience talking. I gave my train-obsessed five-year-old this exact watch for Christmas this year. He absolutely loved it - kept it in his pocket and actually learned to tell time fairly well.  It cost only $7 and it made him feel so grown-up. So get one for your girl who loves trains - a Locomotive Pocket Watch that she can keep in the pocket of her Trains Dress.

10. Science Gear Backpack

Nothing says "I love science!!" like wearing a backpack with lab equipment - the pattern here on this Science Gear Backpack is filled with test tubes, atoms, DNA, angles, and flasks.  A terrific complement to her Science outfit!

Eva St. Clair

Eva St. Clair is a co-founder of Princess Awesome and the company's Chief Creative Officer. She and her husband are raising four kids outside of Washington, DC.


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