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  • About the Designer - Darya Karenski

    April 12, 2023 2 min read

    Darya Karenski is a professional textile designer and painter based in the Boston area, Massachusetts. She is a highly versatile artist who creates both traditional and digital designs. While her favorite medium is watercolor painting, she has tapped into every possible kind of fabric design creation and greatly enjoys the multitude of all the topics and media. She enjoys including less-explored motifs and non-traditional colors in her artwork as well as playing with classics.

    She has created the Dino Tracks design for Princess Awesome - a fun dinosaur footprint in a fun primary color palette!

    Darya is the founder of Pattern Talent, an independent artist brand that offers a wide range of patterned goods from wallpaper and fabric to silk scarves, decorative pillows, kitchen towels and more! She also has a YouTube channel where she talks about textile design and painting.

    Explore Darya’s links and portfolio here:

    What style of art do you feel most comfortable in?

    For the past 2 years, I have been mostly focused on watercolor painting. However, they call me a pattern ninja for a reason – having designed home décor for 4 years in a big retail company, I acquired a wide range of skills that I love putting to use. Any possible way of making repeating patterns – I’ve done it and do it from time to time!

    What themes or topics spark (what you feel to be) your best work?

    I live in the beautiful New England countryside, never short of inspiration. I’m obsessed with flowers as well, and it shows in my work. I also enjoy including playful and unexpected elements – one of my recent pieces is guinea pigs on a Paris vacation! I love books and anything book-related, so I have quite a range of designs inspired by medieval manuscripts and the academia aesthetic. I love blending sophisticated and quirky when I can.

    Is there a project you are most proud of?

    One of my favorite designs is called Incredible Beasts, done for the Cryptozoology design challenge.

    It’s a field of study of unknown or legendary animals. I deliberately included both mythological and real animals that just look too unusual to be real - for example, black rain frog, shoebill and axolotl.

    I was inspired by ancient books and manuscripts where creators drew things they might have never seen, the way they imagined!⁠ I dedicate such designs to people who love natural history, reading and a touch of mystery!

    How do you work? Digitally? On paper? AI/iPad with AI or sketchpad?

    I always prefer to start on paper. There is certain magic in the “old school” ways. Later I take my drawings and paintings to my Mac and finesse the design and color there. While I appreciate the modern technology, I haven’t brought myself to do everything digitally (I tried!). I love having ink on my hands, I feel like it makes me a real artist!

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