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  • February 04, 2015 1 min read

    We’ve already discussed why we called our company “princess” - so what about the awesome? We didn’t choose awesome out of nowhere, or because it sounded great with “Princess,” or even because everyone we met told us our idea was awesome (which they did, tee hee, all modesty aside).

    Awesome has become an exclamation akin to “Cool!,” “Wow!,” “That’s terrific!”, and certainly that is the way we hope people will express themselves when they see our adorable dresses. We are offering something no one has seen before, and that they can’t find anywhere else. Listen in on parents describing the reactions people have when they see kids wearing the pi dress: 

    We also want to be awesome because the idea that what you wear reflects who you are is deeply embedded in our culture. If children have only certain images or phrases on their clothes, then their rather literal, uncritical minds tend to come to the conclusion that those are the things they should like and become. To give children the opportunity to wear images that reflect the broad range of their interests - now that would be awesome.

    Finally, in its original usage, awesome conveys a profound wonder inspired by the magnitude of something. For us, that something is potential - the power within each child - girl or boy - to become what they want to be. Like the song, everything is indeed awesome, because children in their newness can be everything - and that in itself is what is so awesome.


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