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  • February 08, 2015 3 min read

    Over the next three weeks, while our Kickstarter is running, we'll be featuring guest posts and interviews with a variety of women around a variety of topics related to Princess Awesome.

    To kick off our Guest Post Series, we present to you: Helen. She is four. Almost five. She is awesome. We sent her mom and dad some questions for her, she answered, and they wrote down what she said. Her parents are very honorable people so we are sure they did not fudge this interview at all - even though Helen's answers are so perfectly matched to Princess Awesome that we might as well take down our whole website and just put this up.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? follow up - Why?

    "What I want to be when I grow up is a scientist... a paleontologist. Or maybe save the elephants" [why?] "Because I love love love dinosaurs. And because everyone is killing the elephants and I want to save them from going to the circus."

    Do you have a theory on why dinosaurs became extinct?

    "I do. This is my theory. My theory is that a meteor hit the earth a long long long time ago and it made all the plants stop growing because there was too much ash for the sun, and then all the plant-eaters died and then all the meat-eaters ... the meat-eaters eat the plant-eaters so they died because they didn't have any plant-eaters to eat anymore."

    What were you for Halloween? How did you get your costume?

    "A paleontologist." [how did you get your costume?] "I didn't exactly get it. I made it. I made it mostly with sewing thread, a thimble, and scissors. Mommy helped a little."

    When it's not Halloween, what kinds of clothes do you like to wear?

    "Pretty clothes. And clothes that go nicely together, like my new skirt and my shirt with the moon on it. I like to wear dresses, like my rose dress with roses and leaves on it. I like to wear my dinosaur shirt with my new skirt because it glows in the dark." [why do you like to wear it with your skirt?] "because I don't like to wear leggings and pants very much because they don't look pretty."

    Can you always find the kinds of clothes you want to wear?

    "Not always, like when I was trying to find the skirt section in the catalog and I couldn't find it and I really wanted to look at the skirts. And when I was looking for a dinosaur shirt, I couldn't find it in the catalog anywhere, but it was... I was looking in the girl section and it was in the boy section. I have no idea why. Hey, people who make that catalog, why is the dinosaur shirt in the boy section? Girls like dinosaurs too. I don't like that."

    What else do you like to do in school or play with at home?

    "At school, I mostly like to do centers." [what is your favorite center?] "My favorite center is blocks because I love building." [what do you like to do at home?] "I mostly play with my family and my sister. [kisses sister.] We play princess legos and magic tricks and Keva blocks and GoldieBlox.'

    Would you like a dress with dinosaurs on it?

    (jumping up and down) "Yes yes yes YES!! "

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