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Change is in the Air

November 05, 2014

You know how when you learn a new word it suddenly seems like you’re hearing that word way more than you used to?

Well, it may just be that phenomenon at work here, but I don’t think so. Since Eva and I started Princess Awesome a little over a year ago, it seems like I’m learning about businesses with a similar bent all the time. People all over the place seem to be noticing that a lot of girls and a lot of girls’ interests are left out of the more mainstream clothing and toy business. We started Princess Awesome not because we think that girls shouldn’t like wearing pink or playing princess, but because we think that many girls can and, more importantly, already do enjoy those traditionally “girly” things and also other things. We saw an unmet need in the girls clothing market and decided to go after it.

There are plenty of other unmet needs in the girls clothing and toy business, and I feel like I’m hearing about new companies out to meet those needs every day.

Many of these companies are started and run by women. Many have also used Kickstarter to get their businesses off the ground. All of them are serving as models and inspiration for us as we follow a similar path, and, honestly, we wish we could be friends with all these awesome ladies.

You might know of some of them already, but we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a couple of these awesome companies. Learn about them and buy some of their products!

Girls Will Be
“Girl clothes without the girly” is their motto. They make t-shirts and shorts that fit girls without being too tight, skinny, or short. They don’t use any pink in their clothes, just bright, fun shades of blues, greens, reds, and more!

Miss Possible
They just completed their Indiegogo campaign (another crowd-funding website) and raised over $85,000. Creating dolls in the characters of female scientists and engineers that come with an app that leads girls (and boys!) through science experiments and lessons, this company seems to be well on its way to great success.

We’ll showcase more companies in the coming weeks.

Rebecca Melsky
Rebecca Melsky


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