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  • January 01, 2018 2 min read

    AWinter activities can help your child stay healthy, happy, and confident.

    Grab a coat and get outside! Yes, it's cold but there's a variety of activities that will tire out active kids - skiing, skating, and snowboarding - in addition to other ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter.  And some of those activities help build strategic thinking and communication skills. 

    Sport or fun?

    Get your snow saucer and your dog - laugh out loud enjoying rides together. Introducing your children to skiing, skating, and snowboarding at a young age can spark a lifelong interest in outdoor winter sports. Learning just a couple tricks can help your child build confidence that they can bring home to the backyard. The earlier they learn how to use winter sports equipment, the faster they'll take to the sport and the more confidence they'll gain.

    Skiing and Snowboarding

    Many kids love to move fast. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to spend time as a family and get a LOT of exercise. For most people, it's easier to learn as a child how to ski then as an adult. Many ski resorts have special short tracks, trainers, and small lifts so that learning is safe and fun. And once they learn the basics, there's nothing stopping them from taking their equipment to the backyard or a local hill - no need to travel far to enjoy the snow!

    Ice Skating

    Not nearly as expensive and much more widely available, ice skating develops coordination, keeps children active, healthy, and happy. You don't have to take a long ride to the nearest mountains to spend a day skating - you only need to find the nearest ice rink. There are plenty of tools which can make a child's first skating experience fun, safe, and interesting. 

    Ice Hockey

    Once preschoolers have learned to skate, they can also learn how to play hockey. You don't need fancy equipment - just a stick and skates!  Hockey builds communication skills, strategic thinking, teamwork, responsibility, motivation, and a strong spirit. Teamwork often leads to deep friendships based on sharing a passion and working together.

    Sledding and Snow Tubing

    You don’t have to buy an expensive sled to have fun sliding down a hill - use your imagination to find an awesome ride! A tire, a snow saucer, a garbage can lid, even an old piece of linoleum will do. Somehow sledding and tubing are always more fun with more kids - and dogs add chaos and fun!


    As long as you have waterproof gloves, you can have an awesome snowball fight. Make a stockpile of snowballs for two teams and then let the fun begin! Getting out pent-up energy with a good snowball fight can relieve cabin fever and lead to crazy fits of laughter watching your family and friends pelt each other.

    Make a Snowman

    Develop creativity, patience and teamwork by making snow figures.  Learning to sculpt and shape using snow develops logic and spatial reasoning skills that can spark a lifelong interest in designing and engineering.


    Emma Rundle is a freelance blogger and writer for EduBird. Her pieces of advice are valuable for not only parents but other readers as well.

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