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Introducing Bekkah and her daughter, Charlotte, our awesome customers!

April 20, 2016

Allow us to make an introduction.

Friends, meet awesome customer Bekkah and her daughter, Charlotte.

Bekkah and Charlotte, may we present to you the awesome Princess Awesome community?

We love getting to know our amazing customers from all across the country (and the world!), and we thought you might like to get to know them, too.

We asked Bekkah to tell all of us a little more about her awesome daughter. Here’s what she said:

Vital Stats:

Charlotte, or Charlie for short, just turned 2 and loves to swim, play at the park, and spend time with animals.

Favorite joke:

She hasn't quite learned to tell jokes yet, but she will say, "Knock Knock" for as long as you are willing to say, "Who's There?" [editorial note: we think that is pretty darn hilarious. We're going to try it on our kids and see how long they last.]

A favorite story about Charlie:

Last month, Charlie was taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt.  She was the oldest in the Under 2 age group.  Due to her size, strength, and excitement,  I was concerned that she would knock over an infant so I coached Charlotte to help the babies find some eggs.  Once the Hunt started, Charlotte ran over to get an egg, handed her egg to a baby, and then she ran off to get another egg.  After she gave away 8 or 10 eggs, some of the infants’ mothers were trying to convince Charlie to take some eggs for herself, showing her that there was candy inside, and giving her the sweets.  Charlotte would graciously take one piece of candy, then would run off exclaiming "Eggs help babies!"  (We ended up having to do another Easter Egg Hunt where Charlie was the youngest so that she could enjoy gathering the eggs and candy, too!)

Charlotte’s favorite Princess Awesome item:

Charlotte's favorite Princess Awesome item is the play dresses.  Her favorite pattern is always whichever one is in the dirty clothes hamper! Currently, she is going through a very independent streak while potty training.  The play dresses are perfect for potty training!  They keep her covered when she is running around, but allow her to undress and get dressed again quickly on her own.   

Last week, I accidentally washed all of her play dresses at once. I got quite the talking to: "Mommy, I'm [a] big girl.  I go potty all by myself.  [I] Need Princess dress so [I] don't need you. Get dress.  Get dress, please. Get dress, please, RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWW!"  

Thanks so much for introducing yourself to our community, Bekkah and Charlotte!


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Eva St. Clair
Eva St. Clair


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