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  • March 16, 2016 2 min read

    By Ansley Otto, age 6

    Goldie was a little fish that used to live in a pond. He had a different name then. His name was Charlie. Charlie loved to swim around. He was a male betta with red fins. Time passed, then he was drawn out of the water and put into a little tank. He was loaded into a truck. His water sloshed as the truck bumped along. Charlie thought, “this is terrible!”

    Finally, someone carried him into a big building. There he sat on a shelf for a while. He knew this was a pet store that his mother had warned him about, because of all the shelves with fish and other animals. He thought about his home and that made him sad. Then someone picked him off the shelf. “Am I going home?” he thought. He was bumping toward the doors. He thought about his home some more. He knew his family would be happy if he got home. He hoped he was going there.

    Then he was set into a vehicle. He knew he was going somewhere, and that somewhere just happened to be a house. It was a white house with a green roof. Charlie knew this was not his pond, so he was disappointed. Then he was carried inside and there he waited on a bench. Charlie finally was brought out. He swam to the surface to take a gulp of air (like bettas do.) He also blew some bubbles.

    He discovered a girl who loved him, and she gave him a bowl with pretty blue rocks and renamed him Goldie. She fed him twice a day. Now Goldie was happy and smart, and his favorite color was blue.


    Thank you, Ansley!

    We love hearing from our customers. We love hearing about the awesome things their girls are doing and thinking and wearing and writing. We thought we would start to share some of the awesomeness with all of you! We're going to start sharing pieces of writing - stories, poems, essays - done by awesome girls on a regular basis. Contact us at info@princess-awesome.com to submit!

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