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March 10, 2016

by Caroline Gates-Lupton, age 18

Silent snow is falling down
Hushingas it meets the ground

Brown eyes track and watch it go
Beside the girl, a candle glows

Then pull away to trim the tree
With tinsel bought when she was three
String the popcorn, hang the lights!
This tree will be a lovely sight

When at last it's time to stop
The star goes on the tippy-top
Gold with balls of red and green
The prettiest thing you've ever seen

The lamps are off, the tree lights glow
Like memories of long ago
The scent of Christmas fills the air
Needles sprinkled everywhere

Off to bed the girl is sent
The place where countless nights are spent
Crouching by the windowsill
She looks out at the night so still

The world outside is full of white
And great wolves howl out of sight
Dark eyes watch the full moon climb
Up to the top of the Christmas pines

The sky is filled with silver stars
Each driveway holds a snowy car
A sleeping girl on a windowsill
Breathing in the night so still.

For our third  installment, we have a poem by 18-year-old Caroline Gates-Lupton that she wrote for her grandmother this past Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poem with us, Caroline! 

We love hearing from our customers. We love hearing about the awesome things their girls are doing and thinking and wearing and writing. We thought we would start to share some of the awesomeness with all of you! We're going to start sharing pieces of writing - stories, poems, essays - done by awesome girls on a regular basis. Please contact to submit a piece of writing.

Rebecca Melsky
Rebecca Melsky


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