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"...a positive message for girls..."

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"Beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting, girly clothes that reflect the true range of their interests."
"I was a total tomboy growing up. My daughter is more interested in princesses. Princess Awesome fits the bill for both of us."

changing the conversation

"I love the science and math themed clothing for girls because it helps change the stereotypes of adults. When my daughter wears her molecular orbital dress or rocket dress, adults communicate with her differently. Instead of calling her a princess or cute, the conversation expands to rockets and then my daughter talks about the moon and Jupiter. With her molecular orbital dress, she tells them that C represents carbon and she's made out of carbon and it forms bonds. Sure, she doesn't have the best grasp of any of this, but she's 3 and learning. And adults treat her more than a cute little thing which in turn strengthens her confidence."


"My daughter wore the Atomic Flurry dress today to school. She loved it! She spoke to several people about doing science experiments, which she's never done before. She had fun twirling in it too! The perfect mix that I want for my 6 year old girl!"
"Dresses are of superior quality and
design is unique"

From The Lollygag Blog

"Guys, the Train Dress. It’s ridiculously soft, insanely bright, has deeeeep pockets, and even comes with fabric trains sewn on the ends of the sashes- just perfect for sitting (…relatively still) in a quiet moment and driving them along the railroad track seams. After a scientific experiment, we discovered that, when twirled, it fans out like a pinwheel of excellence."

"I absolutely love the dress I bought and so does my niece! It is really comfortable and perfect for all of the playing, climbing and running she does, it fits very well, the pockets are amazing, and the concept of combining her favorite things (cars) with a flouncy dress perfect for spinning is unbeatable."

"Princess Awesome dresses are beautiful, imaginative, comfortable, washable and have vivid colors and delightful patterns. My two-year-old loves her pi dress and trains dress. Not only do I love the dresses, but I am impressed by the company itself: its commitment to quality, communication, and goals and its thoughtful and delightful response to girls wanting to dress like girls. . . as they should when "dressing like a girl" includes wearing amazing Princess Awesome dresses."

We received our first order today. My daughter saw the package and said "That's for me, I'm Princess Awesome!" She opened the package and the rocket dress and moon phase necklace was rated 4 omigosh's and a thank-you thank you! She immediately put on her new outfit, and squealed when she discovered the pockets! Thank you for a terrific product! My daughter is happily twirling, and teaching everyone she encounters the phases of the moon!


"My daughter screamed with glee opening her rockets and dinosaurs dresses. It made me so happy to see her happy. Thank you for filling a void I hadn't even fully appreciated and for drawing attention to all the subtle messages we're sending our kids all of the time."


"My 4 1/2 yo daughter just put on the dinosaur twirl dress, spun around and saw the beautiful swirling skirt around her, and said 'Mommy, can I wear this dress EVERY DAY?' Also ordered the rocket ship dress which I know will be equally loved as pink is her fave color."