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  • Solar Eclipse Collection Restock

    Yes, we are restocking the Solar Eclipse Collection!

    We were blown away by the response to our Solar Eclipse Collection. They sold out much faster than we anticipated, and we heard the voices asking us to make more. 

    Making new clothes at our factories usually takes 3 - 4 months plus shipping time. We explained this particular situation to both of the factories we're working with (one for the shirts and another for the dresses), and they have both agreed to rush production to make more for us. 

    We already put in a restock order with each factory that they could feasibly finish in time for you to receive your Solar Eclipse products by April 8.

    What does that mean & when can you order?

    1) Restock orders MAY NOT arrive by April 8. 

    Any number of things could go wrong and delay products arriving to you by April 8. Production snafus happen frequently. Global shipping is backed up and delayed right now. USPS often causes issues. We are going to do our best to get you restock orders by April 8, but we cannot guarantee it. 

    2) Inventory will still be limited.

    Neither factory could make a huge number of products in time for April 8 delivery to customers. Also, to be totally honest, we're not sure customers will actually want to buy these products after April 8. We do not want to be left with a huge amount of expensive inventory that no one wants. We are a super small company, and our financial bandwidth is limited.

    3) Restock pre-sales will drop Thursday, February 29, at 6:45pm ET. (we're running later than we had expected and the drop will be at 6:45 rather than 6!)

    We're going to sell the restock in pre-sale so that we can make all order changes and get everything set for our warehouse to ship orders immediately upon inventory delivery. Restock orders will ship IN FULL as soon as the inventory arrives. If you order something else in your restock order (say for Pi Day or a birthday), it WILL NOT ship until the Solar Eclipse products arrive. 

    To be notified when the restock drop happens, sign up for our email list. To make sure you see our emails, open your welcome email, reply to an email, mark us as a trusted sender, or otherwise engage with our emails so your email provider knows not to send us to Spam or Promotions. 

    4) We cannot combine current Solar Eclipse orders and restock orders. 

    In an attempt to preemptively ameliorate the fulfillment headaches this restock causes, we are shipping all current Solar Eclipse orders before we release the restock for pre-sale. We're sorry, but we cannot hold and combine current orders and potential restock orders. 

    Got any questions? Let us know!


    Rebecca + Eva