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  • Help us Make the Most Awesome Pi Day Video Ever

    We're making a super special Recitation of Pi video for Pi Day and we need your help! The video will be clips of people saying numbers, cut all together in the sequence of Pi -  thus creating the Most Awesome Pi Day Video Ever!!

    Here's how you can take part:

    1. Ask your awesome girl to put on her Pi Gear

    2. Use your phone to take a video of her counting slowly from 0 to 9. Make sure to take it vertically (portrait mode!) in a brightly lit space. See the video taping tips below!

    3. Email it to video@princess-awesome.com

    4. Wait a couple weeks

    5. Witness the awesome that is Pi! 



    Q: When is the deadline?
    A: February 28

    Q: Does she have to get all the numbers in order?
    A: Nope! Any numbers she can say are fine, in any order!

    Q: Does it have to be taken on a phone?
    A: Nope! Any format is fine as long as you can email it to us.

    Q: How slowly does she have to count?
    A: It just has to have a short space between each number, so that each number sounds like a separate word - that way our editor has room on either side of the number to cut it together.  Ask her to count as if you were playing hide-and-seek.

    Q: Can I submit a video even if we don't own any Pi Gear?
    A: Yes, absolutely!

    Q: Will you use every video?
    A: We will use every useable video - it will depend entirely on whether our editor can cut it properly.

    Q: How can I include my infant?
    A: You can say the numbers for her, or make a sign with just one number on it, or put a building block with a number on it in front of her - go ahead and be creative!

    Q: Can adults participate? Boys?
    A: Of course!  

    Video-Taping Tips

    Knowing that kids are sometimes hard to wrangle, here are some tips to try for: 
    • Aim to film from the child/ren's eye level so you're not looking up or down at an angle, but head on. Scoot down or kneel in order to get on their level.
    • Hold the camera or phone as still as possible while filming.
    • Avoid using zoom. Instead try to get as close as you can to the subject (especially for the purposes of getting a good audio recording) but still far enough that we can see their face AND outfit.
    • The Pi person should fit the frame -- try to fit from the mid torso up, or from head to foot (but not much more than that).
    • Center your Pi person in the frame.

    Here's an example: