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  • Help us Make the Boy, Wonder Crowdfunding Video!

    In early April we’ll be launching our Boy, Wonder crowdfunding campaign to bring the new brand to life. We’re making a video for the campaign, and we would LOVE to include your wonderful boy in it! Help us show the world that YES boys like rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns, too!

    Here's how you can take part:

    1. Find a quiet, brightly lit spot either inside or outside.

    2. Set up your phone to take a video horizontally (landscape mode). You’ll want to try to hold it as still as possible. See more video taping tips and an example below!

    3. Ask your son the following sequence of 6 questions. Ask him to respond with a nod or headshake (or a physical sign with the word "yes"). He can also respond verbally, but we need the physical sign as well.

             "Do you like rainbows? Cats? The color pink? Unicorns? Sparkles? Ice cream?"

    3. Email it to video@princess-awesome.com by March 22.

    4. Wait a few weeks for the Boy, Wonder campaign video to debut!




    Q: When is the deadline?
    A: March 22

    Q: What should my son wear?
    A: Whatever he’d like! Just please, ask him to wear something. :)

    Q: What if my son doesn’t like one of the items on the list?
    A: That’s fine! We know not all kids - of any gender - like all things all the time. You can either leave out a question that you know he doesn’t like or ask him and let him shake his head no. We most likely won’t use the no’s as we’ll be featuring the boys who do like each item.

    Q: Can more than one boy be in the video?
    A: Sure! If you have more than one child who would like to participate, you can either send in multiple videos or take a video of two or three kids answering questions at the same time.

    Q: Does it have to be taken on a phone?
    A: Nope! Any format is fine as long as you can email it to us.

    Q: Will you use every video?
    A: We will try to use every useable video - it will depend entirely on whether our editor can cut it properly and how many submissions we get.

    Q: Can my daughter participate?
    A: For this Boy, Wonder crowdfunding video, no. The focus of this video is to show boys who like these topics so we won’t be using any children who identify as girls.

    Video-Taping Tips

    Knowing that kids are sometimes hard to wrangle, here are some tips to try for:

    • Take the footage in landscape mode, not portrait (ie, hold your phone sideways).
    • Aim to film from the child/ren's eye level so you're not looking up or down at an angle, but head on. Scoot down or kneel in order to get on their level.
    • Hold the camera or phone as still as possible while filming.
    • Avoid using zoom. Instead try to get as close as you can to the subject but still far enough that we can see their face and torso.
    • The child should fit the frame -- try to fit from the mid torso up, or from head to foot (but not much more than that).
    • Center your child in the frame.

    Here's an example: