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  • Comic Convention Representative Job Opening

    Princess Awesome is based in Washington, DC. We are seeking a brand ambassador who will represent and sell for our company at comic conventions held on the American East Coast on 3-8 weekends throughout the year.

    Job Description: 

    • Load goods and equipment from Princess Awesome HQ into utility van.
    • Drive utility van up to 500 miles to the convention city from Washington DC.
    • Set up display grids (7'x4' metal stands) and arrange goods on them.
    • Operate the booth for the duration of the convention during all open hours, including sales and inventory management.
    • Take down the entire booth and pack everything back into the van.
    • Return the van and goods to Princess Awesome HQ.

    Job Requirements:

    • Ability to lift 50-pound boxes into/out of van
    • Able to set up, operate, and take down booth components (grids, decorations, goods)
    • Possess a driver's license in good standing
    • Available on intermittent weekends (Thursday through Sunday) throughout the year 
    • Willing to travel and stay overnight in convention cities
    • Princess Awesome may consider providing assistance with set up/take down but the successful applicant will need to participate and direct the operation

    Candidate Requirements

    • Cheerful, pleasant attitude
    • Hardworking
    • Willing to become very familiar with Princess Awesome catalog

    Please email jobs@princess-awesome.com with your cover letter and resume.