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  • Happy April Fool's Day!

    Call me a fool; trust not my reading nor my observations, which with experimental seal doth warrant the tenor of my book. 

    Fun fact: Shakespeare uses the word "fool" 390 times in his 37 plays - a rate of more 10 times per play! (Ok, so plays that have a character who actually is a fool have an outsize effect on the rate of fool-usage). Still - that's a lot of fooling!

    And Shakespeare actually wrote those lines from Much Ado About Nothing, but he didn't write any of the things we put on this design. 

    Want a closer look? View the design as a flat image in a huge resolution.

    In working on this fun project, we discovered that there is a LOT of literature misattributed to Shakespeare - especially on products. Before you buy something that quotes him, you can check to see if the designer really knows their Bard, or is making it up based on SparkNotes translations, quote crawler bots, the libretto from Verdi's Falstaff, or just googling "Shakespeare quote about love" and mindlessly sticking anything that pops up onto their product.

    "O fool, I shall go mad!"

    We promise we'll try harder than that - look for a Shakespeare-themed product in the coming year! And if you've got suggestions for what you'd like to see on it, email us at ideas@princess-awesome.com.

    You can check out some of these awesome folks to read about more Fake-speare:

    And we'll conclude with one of the Bard's greatest hits: