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Sizing Information

Take a look at these awesome women wearing different sizes:

Note that all sizes are washed and dried, in the photos and also on the chart. Out-of-package clothing will be much longer to account for shrinkage. 

The waistband is constructed with 1.5" tall elastic and will stretch up to 3" comfortably. If you like the length before washing, do not put these in the dryer or wash with hot water. Otherwise, expect them to shrink after laundering. The higher the heat in the dryer, the more they will shrink. In each of the photos, the model fit into two sizes, and preferred the larger of the two for comfort 

Size Waist Circumference (inches) Inseam Approximate size
0-2 28 27 XS-S
4-6 30 27 S-M
8-10 32 28 M-L
12-14 34 29 L-XL
16-18 36 29 XL-2XL
20-22 38 29 2XL-3XL
24-26 41 30 3XL-4XL
28-30 44 30 4XL-5XL
32-34 47 30 5XL-6XL