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  • Adult Big Bang Skirt with Pockets

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    Made ethically in Bangladesh. 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
    About our factories.

    Is Princess Awesome only for girls?

    • The beauty and majesty of the Big Bang is displayed in intricate embroidery on this tea-length twirly skirt with pockets. Four different colors of embroidery - including sparkly silver - on the front and back of the skirt showcase particles, atoms, galaxies and nebulae. Digitally printed concentric circles in white, yellow, purple, and navy suggest the timeline of the universe's appearance.

      BANG! The universe unfurls at the speed of light, a million times faster than a hydrogen bomb, the temperature 1,000 trillion degrees Celsius, hotter than the hottest star has ever burned. Only the fundamental particles exist: electrons, fermions, bosons. Then with expansion comes cooling and the formation of atoms. A billion years later (literally), nebulae, galaxies, and stars appear.

      With an elastic waistband and interior adjustable drawstring offering stretchy comfort and deep side pockets to give you hands-free convenience.

      • Digitally printed Big Bang explosion
      • Embroidered front and back in four colors (including sparkly silver)
      • Lined with the same fabric (not itchy!)
      • Deep side pockets
      • Comfortable, stretchy elastic waist band with interior adjustable drawstring
      • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
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