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Klein Bottle Earrings

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  • A mathematician named Klein
    Thought the Möbius band was divine.
    Said he: "If you glue
    The edges of two,
    You'll get a weird bottle like mine."
    -Leo Moser

    Our tiny glass Klein bottle earrings are a mathematician's delight! Handmade from high borosilicate glass and hung from stainless steel ear hooks. Each earring weighs 7g and measures 7cm (about 2.75 inches) from the top of the hook to the bottom of the bottle. They function properly, with a tiny opening all the way through the neck and into the bottle. So yes, the Klein bottle is an idea that will hold water!

    • Earring measures 2.75" from the top of the hook to the bottom of the bottle
    • Stainless steel hooks
    • Bottles are made of high borosilicate glass
    • Each earring weigs 7g

Made by Boutique Academia in Eugene, Oregon. About our factories.

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