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I Built That in a Dress

by Eva St. Clair June 29, 2020 2 min read

This quarantine business is not easy for me. I am not good at sitting still or staying home, so I’ve had to find ways of doing both of those things over the last few months. I ended up (like so many other folks) doing some home improvement, and I found the perfect piece of clothing for all my projects - my Princess Awesome super twirler dresses! They’re super comfortable, light and airy, make me feel confident, and the huge, deep pockets hold all my tools and hardware.


We put an addition on our house 18 months ago. None of the bedroom or hall closets were finished - so, I finished them! Here I am in my "Blueberry Pi" math dots dress.

The pockets are big enough so that I can keep my wrench and screwdriver on one side and my tape measure in the other (along with all the hardware!).


Our lovely porch swing has taken a beating the last few years out in the elements. Several parts of it had rotted away. I took the entire thing apart, cut new pieces with my circular saw, and put it all back together while wearing my "Twilight Takeoff" sunset planes dress.



When it became apparent that we were not going to be able to do much this summer, we ordered the very last above ground pool in North America - I put it together (with help from the kids) in my "Mesozoic Mischief" dinosaurs dress.



Once the pool was up, we also needed a locked gate. I built that in my “I Spy Pi” dress.

When Father’s Day rolled around last week, I pulled out my screwdriver and put on my “Fossils Forever” dinosaurs dress, all set to follow just 64 steps to a new gas grill for my dear husband. Good news: I didn’t blow myself up. 

When it was all set up, we opened up the box of grill tools and discovered none of them had hanger loops.

“We’ll have to take them back,” I said to my daughter.

“No, Mom! Dad has to have his tools for grilling tomorrow. We can just drill holes into the handles,” she replied, and she went to get the drill.

Like mother - like daughter. That’s my girl!


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We love seeing all the awesome ideas for new clothing designs!  

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