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Great Minds - The Man Up Contest Winners

by Eva St. Clair August 14, 2021 1 min read

Earlier this year, 9th grader Julia Joseph came up with a great idea - she would sponsor a design contest asking for ideas to diversify the topics on boys' clothing. Here's her description: 

What is Man Up?
A contest targeting the societal norms of toxic masculinity that young boys are expected to live up to. The objective of the contest is for male participants to sketch a design of a t-shirt that is not limited to certain interests based on gender. 
Most shirts you see nowadays for little boys have things like cars, sports, etc but do not represent other interests some little boys may have like cute animals, bright colors, and more!
The participants would be challenged to design shirts that show the variety of different interests that little boys may have.

Julia ran the contest for several weeks and received some truly excellent design ideas.  Here below we are happy to feature the ideas the entrants submitted. 

The winning designs were submitted by Sean R., Liam V., and Micah T. (featured in that order in the slides below). As part of their prizes for winning, Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder Co-Founder Eva St. Clair offered 30-minute design consultation sessions to each winner, and the opportunity to learn how to prepare the art for production.  You may see one of these awesome designs in the next year!

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