You Can Fly - A Giveaway in Honor of Women in Aviation International

You Can Fly - A Giveaway in Honor of Women in Aviation International

by Kerstin Shamberg
May 18, 2019

Pourquoi Princesse and Princess Awesome are joining forces to bring you the You Can Fly Giveaway in honor of Women in Aviation International!

It’s not enough to tell girls they can be anything. They need to learn about how other women became pilots including all the obstacles they overcame, and to see the world around them reflect that aviation is for girls, too.

Watch our contest video and meet the amazing Dorine Bourneton! She is the first  disabled female aerobatics pilot in the world and inspires us with her amazing story of resilience, courage and determination.

“Falling is an accident. Staying down is a choice."
-Dorine Bourneton

Read about our friends at Women in Aviation International by their Director of Communications, Kelly Murphy - and learn why it's so important to give girls and women the opportunity to fly. 

You Can Fly Giveaway by Princess Awesome + Pourquoi Princesse

Thank you for entering our giveaway! 

Kerstin Shamberg

Kerstin Shamberg is a digital marketing and communications specialist who works as VP of Marketing at Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder. She loves to build things when she's not busy chasing around two young kids, a cat and her husband.


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