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  • March 21, 2017 1 min read

    Playing sports is a sure-fire way to help girls develop their superpowers of strength, confidence, and leadership. Through sport, we learn how to collaborate, how to compete, and how to make progress over time through consistent effort. Sport has the added benefit of teaching girls to respect and value their bodies. Through sport, girls learn they can be strong and that strength is a good thing.

    Create opportunities for sport and fitness. For boys, the opportunities to play sports are everywhere. For girls, sometimes we have to be a little more proactive. Encourage involvement in local team sports early and often. Plan social outings with friends that incorporate sport and fitness like gymnastics classes, rock climbing, or even weightlifting.

    Watch women’s sports. Our goals are defined by what we see. Watch women’s sports in your home to create models that are strong and competitive, sweaty and athletic.

    Begin your own strength routine. Make fitness a priority in your own life to show her it’s important. Take up weight-lifting to build your own strength and confidence. Share your successes by talking about how much weight you can lift, not how much weight you have lost.


    Micki Krimmel is the founder of Superfit Hero - a body positive, size inclusive line of premium activewear made in Los Angeles. Superfit Leggings are designed to make athletes feel confident and secure no matter their size.

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