Back-to-School Round Up of Awesomeness

by Eva St. Clair
August 08, 2017

Every week, customers write in asking if we can make other things - backpacks, shoes, comforters - using our designs. While we're not quite ready to go into the backpack business, we did take some time to look for awesome stuff that pairs beautifully with our dresses. Here's a round-up of some really terrific things for your awesome girl as she goes back to school!

1. & 9. Pi Girl's Backpack and Pencil Case

Pi Girl can pair her pi dress with a terrific personalized blue pi backpack! She can memorize pi to the 500th digit with this awesome pi pencil case

2. Bugs Girl and her Glow-in-the-Dark Fireflies Backpack

Bugs Girl can wear her Bugs Dress with this sturdy Fireflies backpack from L.L. Bean that actually glows in the dark with LED lights! Testimony: My parents gave me an L.L. Bean backpack in 8th grade. I took it to college and it still goes camping with us today, 22 years later. When they say lifetime guarantee, they really mean it!

3. Sharks Girl Skates in Style with a Shark Backpack

Can't you just see this shark-loving girl in her skater-style Sharks Dress, shredding through the streets with this super awesome shark backpack?  We totally love this design with its flappy fins and big roomy center compartment.

4. & 7. Dinosaur Girls with a Classic Dinosaur Lunch Box and Pencil Case

You can never have too many Dinosaur Dresses.  You also can't be a self-respecting dinosaur-lover without knowing the names of your favorite dinosaurs. Your awesome girl can learn them all with this classic Smithsonian dinosaur lunchbox.  And for the posh paleontologist, nothing says "awesome" quite like a "Clever Girl" Velociraptor pencil case.

5. & 11. Rockets Girl with her Starry Night Backpack and Space Shuttle Pencil Sharpener

It's the beauty of the stars that sparks the passion to study them. In her rockets dress, she can show her love of both art and science with this lovely Starry Night" backpack. And her pencils will always be rocket-science ready with a Space Shuttle pencil sharpener.

6. Firefighter Girl and her Lift-the-Flap Fire Engine Lunch Bag

The girl who loves to rush to the rescue in her Fire Engines dress will always be prepared with a matching Fire Engine lunch bag. Testimony: One of the kids in my son's preschool class has this bag and it is the envy of the Junior Kindergarten. The little flaps lift up to reveal tools such as axes and hoses.  It is just SO COOL, and it's made by Thermos so it holds up well under little-kid handling. 

8. Ninja Girl, Armed with Ninja Pencils

These Ninja pencils are totally awesome and hilarious. They say "hi-ya!" on the side! Ninja Girl in your Ninja dress, take note - the pencil is mightier than the sword.  

10. Science Girl and her Chemistry Crayons

Science Girl is all set for back-to-school in her "Atomic Flurry" dress, and now she can show her true colors with a set of chemistry crayons! Note: crayons not included - you just get the wrappers. But I do know of a few chemistry-obsessed kids out there who would be totally willing to spend an hour gluing new wrappers on!

12. Robots Girl and her Friendly Robot Thermos

Rocking her Robots dress, Robots Girl will love carrying this adorable friendly robot-shaped thermos to school each day.

Eva St. Clair
Eva St. Clair

Eva St. Clair is a co-founder of Princess Awesome and the company's Chief Creative Officer. She and her husband are raising four kids outside of Washington, DC.


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