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  • About the Designer - Meghan from Lathe & Quill

    March 27, 2023 1 min read

    Hi there! I am Meghan from Kansas, where I am a mom and an artist. I have a degree in Visual Communication and I was a graphic designer in a marketing agency for over 6 years. I started my studio Lathe & Quill in 2017 to embrace my eclectic curiosity. Since then I have found a love of drawing animals, dinosaurs, flowers, and space themes; and transforming the illustrations into detailed patterns.

    My websites:

    What style of art do you feel most comfortable in?
    I draw in Procreate and vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator to create the elements that I use to build my final patterns.

    What themes or topics spark (what you feel to be) your best work?
    My kids always inspire me to make some of my best work, so I often draw: dinosaurs, animals, flowers, and rainbows because it brings a smile to their faces. But I make sure to add in some mushrooms and moths for myself.

    How do you work? Digitally? On paper? AI/iPad with AI or sketchpad?
    My usual routine for building new patterns begins with a sketch on the iPad, followed by inking and coloring on the iPad, and then I take the illustrations into my desktop computer using the Adobe Suite to build the patterns.

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