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  • February 29, 2016 3 min read

    Princess Isabella

    written and illustrated by Chloe Erica Tabor

    Chapter 1

    Once upon a time, a girl named Princess Isabella lived in the kingdom of Alai. She is a Princess and she is seventeen years old. One fine day, she wanted to go on a trip. She’s going to South America. She went to the airport and got on the Royalty Airplane, that is only for Princesses.

    Chapter 2

    She got to South America and found a hotel. The hotel has as pool. She went to her room and unpacked. Then she went to the pool and met a dragon. The dragon’s name is Robby. He is very nice. Isabella and Robby went to the pool together. Princess Isabella wanted to buy them ice cream at Ice Cream Pink. But Isabella’s wallet is missing!

    Chapter 3

    Isabella cannot buy them ice cream without her wallet. They go back to her room. Isabella found her wallet tucked in the cover of her bed. She was very happy. She bought them ice cream.

    Chapter 4

    Robby and Isabella said goodbye and Isabella went on the Royalty Airplane. She flew back to North America.

    Chapter 5

    When she got home, she met Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael. “Hi,” said Isabella, “I’m a Princess. Do you want to come to my castle for a sleepover?”

    “Yes, said Mary Poppins.

    In the morning, Mary Poppins, Jane, and Michael left for home. What a great time! 

    The End


    Princess Isabella Sees the Stars

    written and illustrated by Chloe Erica Tabor

    It was another school day in the Kingdom of Alai, and Princess Isabella’s class was studying the solar system.

    “Class,” said her teacher Mr. Farax, “we are going on a field trip to the Planetarium.”

    “Mr. Farax,” said Isabella raising her hand, “How many days would it take Earth to do one sun rotation?”

    “That would be about a year,” said her teacher.

    It was the end of the school day and Princess Isabella was walking home with her best friend, Princess Liza, and her twin sister, Princess Lila.

    “Girls,” said Isabella, “I wonder what Planetarium we will be going to.”

    “Maybe Homestown Planetarium,” said Liza.

    “Or Livelife Planetarium,” added Lila.

    Just then they got to the twins’ castle. “Isabella,” said Lila, “do you want to come over to our castle?”

    “Sure!” said Isabella.

    They went inside the castle, and Queen Sweet brought them some cookies. Then they went into Liza’s room.

    “Three cheers for cookies!” exclaimed Lila.

    Back at home, Isabella took out her easel and drew some space pictures. Then she got out her dolls and pretended that she was teaching some young kids about space. She also got out some space books.

    “Now the eight planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. You may also have heard about there being nine planets, so if you count Pluto, which scientists have discovered Pluto is too small to be a planet. So, we call it a dwarf planet. Next, Earth is the only planet with life in the solar system.”

    Just then, her mother came in and said, “Isabella! It’s 10 pm.”

    Isabella got in bed. She was very excited. The next day was field trip day!

    It was the next day, and everyone was getting in the school carriage. Isabella sat next to Liza and Lila. They rode, and rode, and rode. Then they finally got there.

    “Come on, girls!” said Mr. Farax. “OK,” said the princesses.

    Their guide’s name was Mrs. Sally. “OK, boys and girls, this is the planet room.”

    Isabella could already tell. It was covered with pictures of space and it had a telescope. She showed them more stuff and then they had some lunch. Finally, it was time to go. Isabella told Mrs. Sally “thank you,” and hurried with her friends.

    When Isabella got home, she told her mom, Queen Nally, all about it.

    “Wow!” she said to Isabella, “you must have had a great time.”

    And it was! Best field trip ever!

    The End

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, Chloe! As soon as the next installment of Princess Isabella comes out, will you send us a copy, please?

    We love hearing from our customers. We love hearing about the awesome things their girls are doing and thinking and wearing and writing. We thought we would start to share some of the awesomeness with all of you! We're going to start sharing pieces of writing - stories, poems, essays - done by awesome girls on a regular basis. To submit a piece of writing, contact info@princess-awesome.com.

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