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  • February 20, 2015 1 min read

    Over the next few weeks, while our Kickstarter is running, we'll be featuring guest posts and interviews with a variety of women around a variety of topics related to Princess Awesome.

    Back in November, we spoke with two nine-year-old girls, A and K.  Along with presenting their (adorable, insightful, candid) commentary, we asked them to write about how choose what to wear and how their clothes make them feel in their own words.  Reproduced exactly are their answers.  Thanks, A and K!

    A, How do you feel when you're wearing an outfit you love?

    A: Well, when I am wearing something I LOVE I can get jumpy. Other times I get energetic and happy. One outfit [out of many] is my pink tunic covered in flowers, black leggings, and my favorite scarf.

    I also like to wear stretchy cloths so I can be active and do cartwheels, splits, and do handstands.

    Here is A's Commentary!

    K, How do you decide what to wear each day?

    K: When I wake up in the morning I'm looking for clothes that match what I'm going to do in the day but still are fun and spunky. For example if I'm going to climb trees at the park with my good friends I would want to wear clothes that are comfortable but still look good. I love Princess Awesome because they have such fun patterns but it feels really comfortable. Princess Awesome has such amazing patterns like trains, dinosors and I even got a lily pad lake dress! Princess Awesome is totaly awesome.

    And here is K's Commentary!

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