May 16, 2016




Allow us to make an introduction.

Friends, meet awesome customer Alyssa and her daughter, Elodie.

Alyssa and Elodie, may we present to you the awesome Princess Awesome community?

We love getting to know our amazing customers from all across the country (and the world!), and we thought you might like to get to know them, too.

We asked Alyssa to tell all of us a little more about her awesome daughter. Here’s what she said:

Vital Stats:
Name: Elodie
Nickname: Ellie
Age: 4.5 (the 0.5 part is very important)

Favorite joke:

What gets wetter the more it dries? A towel!

What she loves to do:

Elodie loves to play with her sister, play trains, and have tea parties.

The last thing she did that made you laugh:

Elodie loves to perform. Her punk rock rendition of Adele's "Hello" complete with head banging and crazy dancing makes me laugh every time.

A favorite story about her:

Elodie has a big imagination. We love to hear her elaborate stories about a place called "Elodieland". Elodieland has its own language where "no" means "yes" and where kids don't have to take baths. Elodieland has a lot of traffic so it is hard to get around in a car so she sometimes has to use an airplane or a rocket. It is so fun to listen to her version of an alternate universe where she is in charge.

Her (or your) favorite Princess Awesome dress:

Elodie loves her train dress because it twirls and because it has trains. [That's why we love it too, Elodie!]


Would you like to introduce yourself and your daughter (niece, granddaughter, goddaughter, etc.) to the Princess Awesome community and be featured on our social media? Please let us know! Contact us at 

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