• Why do you make only dresses?  

        Princess Awesome was born out of Rebecca's experience with her own daughter, her daughter's fashion tastes (which were evident at a young age), and what she wanted to be able to communicate to her daughter through her clothes. We are focused on filling this particular gap in the kids' clothing market - dresses with themes on them usually only found on boys' clothes - and, as we grow, we hope to expand into other apparel items.

  • What about options for boys?

        YES, boys deserve broader options, too! That's why we helped to found ClothesWithoutLimits, an advocacy organization that promotes gender equal clothing options for boys and girls. Read more about our decision to focus on girls' clothes in our blog post, We Have to Start Somewhere.

  • When are adult sizes coming??

        We can't wait to offer adult sizes, but we also want them to fit you, so we're taking our time to develop this line carefully and thoughtfully.

  • Can you make a dress with ..... on it? 

        YES, we will make that dress! If you have a suggestion, please tell us - we love hearing your ideas (and we really do put every single idea on our Ideas List).

  • I need my dress in a rush! Can you do expedited shipping for me? 
        Yes! Contact us at (hello@princess-awesome.com or (415) 787-3720)), and we'll be happy to let you know other shipping methods you can choose from.
  • Are there special care instructions for the dresses?  

Yes! We've written some special care instructions for dresses with darker backgrounds and also how to care (and revive!) your Busy Dress, especially if you put it in the dryer.

  • Where do you manufacture? 

        Chicago, Illinois, USA, with Selvana and her mom! Here's a picture from our factory - they're making Pi and dinosaur dresses. Read more about our amazing shop in About Our Factory.