"Up to Code" Circuits Short Sleeve Super Twirler Dress


Does she think in code? Writing for loops in her mind as she turns cartwheels on the playground, or determining the outcome of nested if statements while playing Legos? Or is she a hardware engineer, designing motherboards with cardboard and string?

If (SheLovesComputers) { SheWillLoveThisDress();}

Made of a beautifully soft, thick cotton jersey with deep side pockets and a super twirly full skirt, our circuits and coding dress will be your little hacker’s new favorite.

100% cotton jersey. Made in ethically in China. About our factories.

What size should I get? All clothes in photos have been washed and dried. Out-of-package clothes will be larger.
Size Weight (lbs) Height (inches)
2T 25-30  33-35
3T 29-33 36-38.5
4T 34-40 39-42
5 41-46 43-46
6 47-55 47-50
8 -- 51-54
10 -- 55-57
12 -- 58-59
14 -- 60-63
16 140 63-66

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