Medical Superheroes Short Sleeve Adult Super Twirler

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Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are heroes all around us: those brave folks willing to walk into danger every day to care for the sick, risking their own lives in the process. 

Our new medical superhero design was created with you in mind. The skirt will feature medical paraphernalia in an awesome comic book style with the iconic "BAM!" and "POW!" superhero declamations. The bodice and sleeves of the dress will be 100% peached cotton - our softest, most comfortable, velvety fabric.  And of course it has pockets - because where else would you keep your gadgets and gizmos? 


For every item that reaches its goal, we will give 25 of the same item to health care professionals or their children. You can nominate a medical professional to receive the item of their choice (or their child's choice).  We will randomly select the recipients at the end of our campaign.  

Made ethically in China. 100% cotton jersey. About our factories.

Take a look at these awesome women wearing different sizes:

Size Dress' Bust Circumference (inches) Dress' Waist Circumference (inches) Dress' Neck to Hem Length (inches) Approximate size
0-2 30 1/2 29 38 XS-S
4-6 32 30 38 S-M
8-10 33 1/2 31 38 1/2 M-L
12-14 36 33 39 L-XL
16-18 40 36 1/2 40 XL-2XL
20-22 43 1/2 40 1/2 38 1/4 2XL-3XL
24-26 47 44 1/2 40 1/2 3XL-4XL